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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 20, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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sot - the officers are injured we have them seeking medical attention at this timemade a uturn and fled on 18th ,.
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sergeant martha juarez says the bank of america atms on 18th and castro, 16th and mission and 24th and bryant have been recent targets so culprits looking to get into your bank account will lurk around until you swipe your card punch in your pin get your cashand then if you somehow forget to close out, help themselves to your money sot - when you close out the atm machine you have to make sure you fully close out. some people don't do that and people come up right behind them and do something to the machine and get money that's not theirs. officers managed to jot down his license plate information as he sped away. sfpd is looking for a black man, about 6'2" wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. reporting in san francisco alecia reid kron 4 news the search is on tonight for whoever stabbed four people after a brawl broke out near a busy downtown san jose bar. kron four's philippe djegal shows us where it happened, and why bar patrons say the attack comes as a surprise. the trail of blood on the sidewalk outside the sp2 communal bar and restaurant puts into perspective how
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vicious and violent the early morning attack really was. sot- lily tran/left before the attack lily tran says thankfully she left the bar about an hour and a half before san jose police say four people were stabbed. however, investigators won't say if the attack happened in or outside of the establishment. though, off-camera, an empoyee says it took place off-property. sot- lily tran this is a really safe place to beat, but for that to happen is kind of shocking. at the same time. scare... police say the stabbing happened at around 12-45 sunday morning in the san pedro square area -- frequented by sharks fans. who instead of focusing on a big playoff game at the tank down the street. were left puzzled, wondering how things got so out of control. that multiple people were stabbed near a popular bar. sot- dan garcia/frequents area > > it was quite shocking action
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a. it was a big hit that our safety > > there is a big crowd with lots of people's those kind of hard to tell how it would go. alcohol probably had something to do with it. sot- lily tran tran believes the people involved in the attack were in the bar before the victims were injured. in the future, she hopes sp2 makes changes to how people are checked before being allowed inside. sot- lily tran with alcohol in mind there should be more extensive searches. sp2 declined to comment on the incident. as for the victim, all four were treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. in san jose, philippe djegal, sharks fans have to move that to the back of their minds since. right now the sharks are playing game number 2. the first round of the n-h-l playoffs just underway against the l-a kings. that game happening at the sap center in san jose. that's where we find kron 4's scott rates.
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scott you have been speaking to fans and players. whats the vibe > > it is easter sunday, playoffs are here. it's a big day. everybody is thrilled for the game today. take a look at what it looked like a few hours ago as fans started pouring into the s centerap. this is a very big games, seriously, for the sharks. they don't want the mess around. the fans out here say they are ready to go. i chatted with them before. the before > > how are we going to? win the to > > well you gotta work hard and
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does not play around. > > what you have here? > > this is a baby sharks eating a cane and they came storm--came in and a kings fan unfortunately the sharks are down to 20 right now but there's plenty of time left in the game.
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coming up on kron 4 news at eight. days after a deadly everest avalanche. a travel channel axing a show set to take place a top of the mountain. what stunts show producers had planned. plus. a firefighter due back in court. for allegedly hitting someone with a fire truck. while drunk! the latest in his court drama. and next. a year later. the search for a missing man gains momentum. the latest clue that has searchers are holding out hope.
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and now android smartphones start at under 50. net10 wireless. not everyone at golden gate park was celebrating today. as kron 4's john fenoglio shows us, one woman took advantage of the large crowds to try to spread the word about her missing nephew who disappeared a year ago.
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you learn what to do in that earthquake, in other stressful situations, but not when he is missing. > > she is doing what she can do to keep his face in people's minds. she goes out hoping somebody has seenhughes and will come forward. he is described as being 5 ft. 5 about 150 lbs.. he has to tattoos on both forearms. we love him at your uncle loves to your mom is head over heels for you. we would just want to get that call so if you know anything give us a call as soon as you can.
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> > if you know anything about this young man's whereabouts you are free and encouraged to give us a call. still ahead. p-g and e heading to court over the deadly san bruno gas explosion. the serious charges they are facing. plus. an easter church service to remember. we bring you the inspiring early morning service on a bay area
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hundreds celebrated easter this morning almost a million different names with the same amount of
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growing ways to in jest marijuana. every color of the rainbow, and all walks of life, all swearing --sharing the romance with sweet mary j.. april 20th is about more than just smoking pot. for 20 was the first time that i did acid. you never have to look far to
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find people willing to share. reporting from it hit the hill and san francisco. with the annual sunrise service at mount davidson cross. as kron 4's mike pelton shows us. the service is in it's 92nd year but still brings out many for the first time. a ten minute hike up mt davidson - it's easy to find the sunrise service it should be pretty cool with the cross lit up the cross - acting as a beacon in the night we can see it from our back window sarah mergy is a firt timer to the service - it's a little awe inspiring the annual sunrise service at the mount davidson cross features music n
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different local ministries it's about hope and spectacular city views just amazing i might be biased but this is the best glenn guillemes produces this program - which began back in 1923 - the cross - a fixture since 1934 president roosevelt touch the golden key that eliminated across.--illuminated the cross. tallest cross in america with hundredsonce again packing in for prayer - some say this setting makes a return trip - a must until next year in san francisco mike pelton in vatican city. pope francis celebrated one of
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christianity's holiest days before an overflowing crowd in saint peter's square. more than 150-thousand turned out to celebrate mass. the pope made an easter plea for peace and dialogue in ukraine and syria. and for an end to attacks against christians in parts of nigeria. it was a nice afternoon for dining outside. we had temperatures in the low to mid '80s a round the bay area. it was pretty mild for san francisco with oakland being in the upper 80s. the temperatures were up by 10 to 15 degrees. from degrees as we go into tomorrow it will go back down about 10 to 15 degrees so there is a big shift in the temperature. over san francisco
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is mostly clear skies but tonight will see thickening clouds as the storm system approaches. for the most part the storm will stay to the north so we won't see much rain but we will see the cars--clouds. the skies will clear by tuesday and we will get a blast of air from alaska with a very cold wind. it will get pretty blustery and cool in the next few days. here is the satellite view with mostly clear skies but you do see that storm system in their. notice there is no rain, rain is in green. we will see rain come our way in the evening and overnight hours tomorrow night.
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5:00 p.m. is mostly cloudy and there we see some rain in the north bay. it will then work its way to the rest of the bay area late tomorrow evening. by the morning commute on tuesday things will clear up but we will then see some gusts and winds. the discovery channel is cancelling a special on mount everest after friday's tragedy on the mountain. the special would have featured daredevil joe-bee ogg-win jumping of the mountain in a flight suit. the move follows the deaths of at least 13 sherpa guides in an avalanche friday. three others are still missing and at least a half dozen people were injured. the avalanche struck a group of 50 people. mostly nepali sherpas. at 20-thousand feet. the avalanche on mount everest almost killed a man from sonoma county. john reiter had already climbed over 20 thousand feet of the world's tallest mountain when the avalanche broke. reiter says his sherpa shoved him out of the way before the
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massive snow shelf swept the guide down the mountain. it took some time before reiter was able to send word to his wife that he was okay. a former san francisco firefighter will be arraigned tomorrow on felony d-u-i charges. the district attorney says michael quinn was under the influence when he hit a motorcyclist last june. he is charged with three felony counts. d-u-i causing injury and other related charges. quinn currently hasn't entered a plea in the case. the victim has filed a civil suit against the city. and in pleasant hill. two armed men robbed employees outside a restaurant late last night. it happened about 10-30 saturday night at the black angus steakhouse. police say the men went up to two employees standing outside the entrance. one of the robbers then grabbed a purse from a female employee.knocked her to the ground and ran off. the male employee tried to intervene. that's when the other robber pulled a gun on him. the two men were last seen running toward oak park
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the boston marthon will have more runners than last year, and more spectators than ever. but it will also have new security restrictions. scott thompson has the latest. the day began with a traditional blessing for runners at boston's old south church this easter sunday. although this blessing happens annually-- it has special meaning this year. monday's race is the first since the deadly bombings that killed three and injured over 200 others. members of the church made these blue and gold scarves and handed them out to runners to show their support. these scarves are interwoven with love and courage. the focus now shifts to marathon monday. it will be different this year. security will be tighter than ever. police have double the amount of officers on the streets-- many scattered throughout the crowds. new rules are also in place. among them-- no signs or banners bigger than 11 inches by 17 inches no back packs of any kind and unregistered runners hoping to join the race are prohibited. this is going to be the safest place on the planet on monday. just last week-- as the city came together to mark the one
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year anniversary of the attack-- two suspicious bags were found at the finish line. the bomb squad was called in to destroy the bags. it turned out to be a hoax but served as an errie reminder for a city that is already on edge. i'm scott thompson reporting. next. a giant sinkhole that needs a giant plug. just how workers managed to fill a 50 foot hole.
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according to survaillance video approx 10 separate people were responisble for the mess that was left in front of 800 77th ave in oakland it was one of the locations for the legal dumping amnesty day that ended two days early because the sheer volume of bulk items and house hold goods not knowing the event ended is still not a good enough reason to do this but i guess common sence is not so common anymore it was so much trash that the alameda county district attorneys office and the oakland fire department responded to the scene a lot of viewers asked, what is going to happen to all this trash and who will foot the bill ? well i have some good news and some bad news first the good news, all the trash is gone, all that's left are the citizens crime scene
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signs and caution tape but the fact is 77th and hawley has been a major illegal dumping location for years so for some people this was the normal. scary huh? now the bad news, it took 7, yes seven 20 cubic dumpsters, like this one here to clean up the mess . the bill will go to oakland taxpayers the cost includes the desposal of the non hazardous waste that was left in a giant fish tank, the cost fof the investigator who shown here combing through piles of trash and the cost of oakland fire responding you see illegal dumping, wheather by design or accident cost money, it's money that the city could use for more important things you pick what you think is important i convinced the east oakland beautification council to change it's name to the oakland beautification council because the entire city needs to come together not just east oakland it needs to be a full on assult
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on illegal dumping of trash, bulk items , cars and dead animals the city of oakland and it's resident have so much potential but there appear to be forces out there that want it to fail. i'm told there may be more dumping amensty days, but there were some lessons learned. if you don't live in oakland don't bring your trash to oakland and if you live in oakland show your civic pride and don't dump anything except water feathers and hay in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. coming up at 8:30. after mass public outcry. we share the welcome change coming to parking meters in san francisco. plus. more changes to facebook! the social media giant helping you meet up with friends. but some are calling it a dangerous tool for stalkers? we check it out. we have big changes in the weather had our way in that
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coming week
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now for a look at tonight's top stories. four people were stabbed in downtown san jose early this morning -- after a fight broke out near the sp2 communal restaurant and bar. that's in the san pedro square area of the city. police say the victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment. their injuries are non-life threatening. police won't say if the fight started inside the bar. no arrests have been made.
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thousands gathered in the park today to sack--celebrate the legalization of marijuana. after just over a year in place, paying to park in san francisco on sunday's. is no more. kron 4's justine waldman explains. how free parking is back starting in july. and how the s-f-m-t-a came to its decision. so many people wanted to speak at the sfmta board meeting the line went down the hallway. inside, the room was packed. speakers started off trying to convince the board to eliminate paying to park in the city on sundays. at the podium church leaders, who say paying on sundays hurts their parishioners. baptist church sot it intrupts the worship experience if you have to monitor a parking meter
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paying to feed the meters on sunday started in january 2013. it also created a 4-hour time limited from noon to 6pm. people who wanted to keep enforcement also told the board paying to park on sunday's prevents drivers from circling for spots, and encourages people to take public transportation or walk. in the end, the board voted in favor of its 1.8-billion dollar 2- year budget making parking free on sunday's once again. nats thank you a big supporter of stopping paid parking on sunday. mayor ed lee. saying people have been pressuring him to support a change. mayor ed lee / san francisco sot people been saying stop nickel and dime me and maybe we will listen to you free parking starts in july. in san francisco justine waldman
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kron 4 news. in san francisco, there has been a record number of people evicted through the ellis act over the last year. that's the state law which allows landlords, under certain restrictions, to evict tenants. now as kron 4's dan kerman reports, city hall is taking steps to help newly evicted long term renters. find new housing. the san francisco tendency use--union predicts that they're over 10,000 evictions each month. a representative says once the tenants are kicked out they have a difficult time finding new housing. long term is very difficult to find affordable housing. city housing is now reaching out to help renters find housing. one of those behind thewellis act gives priority to those who
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were evicted giving them priority win that housing becomes available. if you were a long-term venture for more than a number of years, you can approach the city, and it you have the opportunity to be on the list for equal opportunity housing. this will bump them up on the line. > > officials still say that any kind of assistance helps. this can get cut down the assistance wait time from four years to two years. why didn't anybody pay attention to it on their own without having it exposed by the media kron 4 news investigated the problem this bart commuter told us about. lights burning. night, noon, and day. for at least a month. wasting energy for no good reason. kron4's haaziq madyun has been on this story from the beginning. and tonight. we have the solutions.
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notice something different? "i noticed that the lights are off that's pretty awesome" the lights in the parking lot here at the north concord/martinez bart station are no longer on during day light hours. this comes the day after tony karavidas voiced his concern to kron4 about the electricty being used to power the lights 24-hours a day over the past several weeks that was a big sticking point for you the fact that this was a waste of energy "yeah! i walked up smiling because i thought wow that's really amazing that you did this report and all of the sudden somebody here paid attention to it" no more lights around the clock? "not at north concord station" bart spokesperson luna salaver says it is likely maintenance workers turned the light sensors off "this could have been the case where they were doing the maintenance, they switched the contacts for the lights in the parking lot at north concord to manual mode, and when you brought this to our attention our crews went out there and flipped it back to automatic mode" bart officials say now that the
8:35 pm
lighst are back on automatic mode they will turn off during day light hours and automatically turn on when the sun goes down. no more wasting energy or tax payers dollars as each bulb uses 400-watts of electricity "that's great news and it was a simple fix. i love kron4" at the north concord martinez bart station haaziq madyun kron4news as we mentioned. we checked into this story after a viewer told us about it. and we'd love to hear from you as well. if you have a tip or a story idea. tell us about it! you can submit your idea on our website. kron four dot com. just look for. the "my kron 4 story" tab. pg&e is set to be arraigned tomorrow morning on felony charges. the u-s attorney's office charged the utility company with twelve safety violations. they say that those violations led to the deadly 2010 gas pipeline explosion. eight people were killed, over sixty injured, and almost forty
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homes destroyed. it's alleged that pg&e used funds for pay raises instead of safety upgrades. a 50-foot deep sinkhole opens in a neighborhood in central florida over the weekend. homeowners were left scared and some forced to evacuate. work crews moved quickly to fill in the hole located in the villages. crews have been working around the clock to fill the sinkhole. underneath the driveway there is no soil there, yet the driveway is still standing. as i was coming back from my walk i don't see the tree, thought someone had stole the crews are using a mix of sand and cement to fill the hole. deputies say the hole first opened up about three weeks ago but was filled. it took about 40 truck loads of the cement mixture to fill in the hole. crews will flatten it out monday once the mixture dries. we had such a gorgeous today with temperatures in the '70s and '80s. we will see some fairly significant changes over the next few days. starting tomorrow
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we have a weather system coming in. it will be so clear skies with mild temperatures for now. the sea breeze is not so strong today which is the reason temperatures were so warm sunday. tomorrow will of course be cooler as this next weather system approaches. temperatures will start around 50 on the cooler side and clouds will start to come in and again from that weather system. clouds will be on the increase into the afternoon with a chance for a little light rain early tuesday morning. temperatures are falling tomorrow by about 10 to 15 degrees in some places
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look for sixties by the day. san francisco will struggle to hit. 60 hit oakland will get to the upper 60s. wednesday shows increasing clouds and thursday may show some rain within more significant storm up arriving friday. > >the long list of people still waiting for an organ donor that may never come. coming up, one bay area man trying to beat the odds and buy time. plus the well-known tech company getting into the drone business. and it's sports night live coming up at the top of the hour. full highlights and a complete breakdown of the warriors and sharks in the well as the giants and a's.
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bip roberts joins jason appelbaum live in studio at 9pm.right after the news.for all your sports needs!!!
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have you ever thought of being an organ donor? it's hard to imagine - but 18 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant that never comes because there's such a shortage. it's organ donor month, so. we'd like to introduce you to a san francisco man named aubrey brewster who was on a long waiting list for a liver. aubrey never lost faith. > > there has to be a miracle. i was basically given a even while his body was failing him, aubrey's determination grew. coming up.we find out how a new orleans family with a big heart - offered this stranger a liver. and a new life. but why waiting for a donor organ in california could come
8:42 pm
too late. the full story next week, on the kron 4 evening news. the movie about a local high school team is about to hit the big screen. coming up, we'll show you what team is going hollywood. face book has created a new act that allows other face book users to know where you are, at all times you, cindy gps built in to your phone. everybody who uses face book needs to know about this.
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sot 1 - face book has announced a new mobile at that allows other
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users to track your joke-- location using the gps in your phone. that act is called nearby friend which is a cool feature. but there is a creepy aspect to it. it can be used for stocking. it brings up all lot of privacy issues. this is a new mobile act that will only be available through tablets and phones. it will show details on where your friend is on a map in. will also show their recent locations. you will get a notification when a friend that enters your vicinity. this can be very useful when gathering in large groups to meet a friend such as that concerts' or at a movie theater. you can also see where friends are nearby beyond the nearby future. you can see where
8:46 pm
friends are on faraway trips. you can suggest nearby sites that they should visit to eat or such. many people feel this is a bit of a privacy issue but the face book says they have accounted for this. they have put in a feature or you can disable this feature. by de faults this will not be on you need to go on and turn it on yourself so by default nothing will change. you can also customize it so only those you choose can see where your location is. also it goes two ways you and your friends need to both turnon nearby friends and both accept each other to be able to see of your location. this newapp will be going out to it users in the next few months.
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google announced this week that it is getting into the unmanned drone business. it's part of an ongoing effort by the tech giant. to bring big internet access to remote areas. kron 4's charles clifford has details google apparently beat out facebook to acquire titan aerospace, which is building these slender, solar powered drones. when deployed they'll be able fly above cloud cover and could possibly stay aloft for months or even years. the goal is to bring internet to remote areas. sot we are just at the start of this. technology analyst rob enderle says that google's purchase of titan aerospace is part of an ongoing effort to bring internet connections to remote areas here in the u.s. and around the globe. both facebook and google want to bring internet and possibility of commerce to areas of the world that currently don't have it.
8:48 pm
you can fly these things over areas that don't have internet coverage and beam coverage to that area. by flying drones overhead and equipping them with wireless equipment, google can also avoid the immense expenses and perils of building a wired network. sot point to point on ground is a problem because people steal the equipment. by flying high altitiude over head and traffic patterns they can get the signal down and do it reliably without loosing the equipment. google has also been developing what they call project loon, a network of wifi enabled balloons. the new drones will compliment that effort. this is just the start. it won't be long before we have so much junk hanging over our heads we'll worry about this stuff instead of hail. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. gas prices are rising around the country. the average price of gas has jumped 9 cents a gallon in the past two weeks alone. in total.gas prices are up 40 cents a gallon since the end of february. according to national survery released today. los angeles had the highest gas prices of all the states 4-dollars and twenty six cents a gallon. gas prices here in the bay area are right on par with l-a. in san francisco gas is 4-25 a
8:49 pm
gallon. you can fill up in san jose for 4-dollars and 18 cents per gallon. for 4-dollars and 15 cents. many of us can remember thman iy some. many outdoor activities with east there, and barbecuing, and for 204/20 here is a live you of--lies in view of the weather here. we do see some clouds coming in but we do have our sunshine still. the clouds will thicken and as we get into the afternoon with less sunshine. starting around 8:00 we will see
8:50 pm
if you light showers that will continue into the early morning of tuesday. we will have much cooler temperatures on that day. 80s today but not the case for tomorrow. we will see low seventies to even '60s. which is about 10 degrees cooler than today. we will have a cool and blustery week and on our way. many of us can remember the movie movie. 'money ball'. and now another hollywood sports movie, involving a bay area sports program, is about to hit the big screen. the story of the de la salle high school football program. kron 4's j.r. stone has details. a team that only one. in 12 years of 151 games in a row. it
8:51 pm
wasn't just about we won. it wasn't about the winning but it was about our athletes. the actor definitely has my personality. he doesn't look like me but he definitely has my personality. i mean i am turning bald and he's not but the you know. sure if we were motivated by money i could make a few more bucks here and there but i'd rather be happy and be where i think i am most effective. i felt that was as a high-school coach.
8:52 pm
the movie brings you back your experiences of working with the team. when it is all said and done, you look back and it was an amazing moment and a great testament to our athletes to put the. program to the --to gather. at the movies this weekend-- captain america: the winter solider was number one for the third straight week. the animated movie rio 2 starring jesse eisenberg and anne hathaway came in at number two. and coming in at the number three -- "heaven is for real." about a boy with a life changing experience. twice wrongly convicted boxer rubin "hurricane" carter has died. the 76 years old died of complications from prostate carter was a middleweight boxing contender wrongly convicted of a triple murder in the 19-60s. carter spent 19 years in prison before being let go. over the next three decades.he became an activist for the
8:53 pm
wrongly convicted. carter's ordeal was also publicized in a bob dylan song called "hurricane".in several books.and in a 19-99 film starring denzel washington as the boxer turned prisoner. prince george does what any little kid likes to do. he coming up next - the royals trip down under and the cute critter - they take home.
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[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. the duke and dutchess of cambridge are continuing their trip down under. today they visited the sydney
8:56 pm
prince george got to meet a bilby that was named after him! the zoo even gave the little prince a stuffed bilby of his own. after the meeting the royals were introduced to a bunch of animals. you can see here the dutchess meeting a cudly koala bear. the royal pair also got to check out a wildlife show. here you see jason and bic have just entered this station. there has been a lot going on over the past couple days. we do have a few more seconds for the weather. gatt it's a fantastic evening and the weather is pretty great to. > > we do see a chance for some showers to mark--tomorrow night. welch
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hours to bring mayflower's
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good evening everyone. welcome to sports night live. .big things happening in bay area sports.warriors and sharks in the pla


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